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How to explore the Republic of Ireland, guided entirely by local advice

Now that we have mentioned it, you probably perfectly understand why it is important for the payment process to go as smoothly as possible. After all, if a customer has to go through a million of steps to send you money, they will probably just give up. Strategies for email…

Recount Ordered in Florida Senate Race as Governor’s Contest Nears End

Feedback that the system provides doesn’t convey emotion. It is robotic. When a user interacts with such a system, it feels giving commands to a computer. The only difference from a traditional GUI is that you use a different medium for the command (voice vs. keyboard…

Why Amazon Chose the Wrong Locations for Its HQ2

Today we explore the concept of motion design in the interfaces of the future with Artificial Intelligence (AI)assistants. It is a sort of a decider: whether your readers will be back or ditch you and your company. But make sure that every email newsletter looks…
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Is Covid-19 a deliberate Chinese creation? By PROF FEMI MIMIKO

Is Covid-19 a deliberate Chinese creation? The suggestion that the Chinese engineered extant coronavirus pandemic for economic advantage is highly preposterous. I don’t think we should touch it at all, not even with the proverbial long pole. For, even if the Chinese had just stayed the course prior coronavirus, their leadership of the global economic system was a question of time. The…
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Minister imposes lockdown on Abuja

Minister imposes lockdown on Abuja Reinstates ban on religious gatherings, nightclubs, others As part of moves to contain the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Abuja, Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Muhammad Musa Bello, has imposed a partial lockdown on the territory. Addressing newsmen in Abuja, the minister, restated the earlier closure of schools and religious houses.
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Lesson for all The Southerners and Middle Belt: Beware of Sanusi

Lesson for all The Southerners and Middle Belt: Beware of Sanusi To all the Southerners expressing their opinions for or against Sanusi, I say take it easy. Let us siddon, buy popcorn and coke and be watching this movie. There might be more to this than meets the eye. Whether this crisis is real or not, one thing I know about the North is that they never lose sight of their true goal or do…
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Just in: Cameroon confirms first case of coronavirus

Cameroon’s health ministry on Friday confirmed the country’s first case of coronavirus, a 58-year-old French citizen who arrived in the capital Yaounde on Feb. 24. It said the man has been quarantined in the city’s Central Hospital. “All measures have been taken…

Germans stock up on soup sachets as coronavirus fears grow

Data from a major research institute discovered that Germans had been increasingly filling their cupboards with instant soup in preparation ahead of what they consider a potential health crisis. According to the research released on Friday, the soup is particularly popular for weathering a potential health crisis as the new coronavirus spreads in their country. The GfK reported that revenues…
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