.The news in details….

This afternoon while debates were going on by the students of adekunle ajasin university akungba akoko ,to decide what there next line of action his ,an information credited to no source has filled the air that the school management has called the sug president to a close door meeting to decide the fate of the student ,the information reads as follow

*I got an information right now, that the AAUASU president has been called by the school vice chancellor, as well as some top management members, and some former SUG Presidents including K-DIVINE, REFORMER, SUE D BASTARD, in order to talk to him not to continue with the struggle. Please help us beg him not to compromise.*

*#sampraise, we are behind you, don’t compromise!!!!*

This developemtn has been confirmed By the sug pro to be true and real ,

More details coming as we await the outcome of the meeting