it is properly said that he who the gods will kill he will first make mad, then I would like to reference that he who will fail the people will first start from making unrealistic promises,

Starting from the first day I heard him say he would change the mother and child to a mortuary I knew Ondo state people were in for an era of unbearable pain, we understand the tales of the ondo APC and we won’t fall for there baits this time again, a party that has no regard for humanity,

This ondo APC government has been a government that promised to be friends of the people as there slogan says but rather reverse has been the case as revenue that were met on ground has been squandered by numerous unnecessary occasions and the parte after parte that happened in Mauritius still lingers in our brain, a government that has failed to acknowledge the plights of the people but rather play on people’s intelligent, there has been low development in infrastructure, not to talk of the educational sector, we thought as a legal Practitional the governor should be able to understand that education is a Main priority in Ondo state, but reverse is also the case as the called Mr talk and do has rather not only broken the back of parents of students know State University but also has broken, the future of the state by sabotaging the lives of many aspiring youths,

Lately I heard the commissioner of Information speaking that uncompleted projects
Are sources and reason best of which the current government should be elected into post and I find my self wondering what sensibility that would behold, how can a sitting government make promises they cannot keep, why should you use uncompleted projects as a means of cajoling people to vote for you again, I speak emphatically in the implementation of road project as I would never the less acknowledge the governor on the Dualization of the nepa road, but is it not funny that that road took almost a year of more to be completed, visits to places like acquinas would make you rather not wish to be in akure,i was at the hospital road and almost cried for those that use that road because of the dust, I would like to ask Mr governor what happened to the contractor given those works to, how fast they could demolish houses but how slow they could bring out the road structure they were commissioned to do, I wonder why the houses in ijoka ,we’re demolished when no tangible work was to be done, the road leading from nepa round about to ijomimo has been so extremely bad since those houses has been demolished and the roads spoilt, dear Mr governor I would like to bring to your notice that the road after breeze FM has become a den of life takers and incase your adviser on information didn’t tell you that road has caused numerous family pains and tears, ,with the current situation of abandoned road projects in ondo state at large and precisely akure the ondo state capital I believe no sane Would want to bring in a government that has caused pain again,
I so much wonder that this government would day they have achieved tangibly in the last four years they have been on board, in regards to the education section, we all know ondo state to be a land of education scholars both in the international and local, dear Mr governor your State University adekunle ajasin has been one of the leading universities at the law school but since the past four years you have been on board Aaua has been a shadow of itself, and instead of the government to find solutions to that, they rather increased the tuition fee neglecting the academical relevance of the student, what should we say about the state owned rugipo that was rated the best in Nigeria, but has been on low bench since 4 years ago,

This administration has been an administration of lies and the people are tired, an administration that rather feed the mass of mercies has turn deaf ears to the plea of the people, Ondo state was a place of pride before you came, but ask anyone it is still the same thing, can this administration tell us what happened, to the free shuttle buses why are they looking unkept, why is the mega school not has vibrant as before, what has happened to the abiye scheme, what about fadama project, the scholarship the government promised the student and which the bursary part made a lot hopeful again what happened to it, can someone ask the government how we have gotten more uncompleted road than Completed road dear ONDO apc your party has proved to the people Ondo state that you are a community of people who have no regard for humanity, but rather of an imposed will and we are ready to tell you that, we know your tales and we won’t be your baits again