PHOTO By: Olayinka Latona

The protest is 100 per cent good because the protesters are calling for the stoppage of insecurity in Nigeria which is in the interest of all.

“I believe the protest is in the interest of Nigerians at large regardless of their religious background.

“We all should support them and ensure that the government tackles insecurity.” -Funmilayo Osinowo, Retiree

“The protest is a way to sensitise people and task the Federal Government to do the needful because the rate of insecurity has reached an alarming state in the country.

The killings should stop and the Federal Government should get to the root of the killings to ensure the safety of lives and property as a whole. Insecurity should not be tolerated in the country, so, I support the peaceful protest by CAN because we all should feel safe in our motherland.” -Adebayo Lateefat, Student

“The scripture teaches Christians to yield to those in authority and at the same time, good governance is needed. If their faith does not permit rebellion or violence against the government, I believe the best option is to call the attention of the government through a peaceful protest which was carried out.

“The state of insecurity in the nation cannot be overlooked.” -Babalola Eleazer. Linguist.